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Makeup, It's an Obsession

So there is a new obsession that is taking over millennials.
Wait... well...
MOSTLY millennial girls, but I am definitely not discriminating, boys.
&& it is a good obsession.
Ready for it?
Yep, makeup.
As a generation, we are buying more makeup.
It is an obsession.
And it can be an expensive one at that. 
I mean...
YouTube videos, Instagrams, Blogs...
It is everywhere! 
&& I am starting to fall for it all.
Now makeup is an art, and I am definitely not an artist.
&& if you are like me you really just don't find the time to research the products and watch the YouTube videos and well let me tell you my little secret.
My secret to keeping up with the makeup trends is 
Yep, like THAT Kelsey.
Kelsey Kinsman.
Hope's daughter.
The one and the only!
I know I have talked about her a lot in the past.
But let me tell you, this girl is the most talented friend I have hands down.
So I am making this a Kelsey appreciation post and she doesn't even know! 
She is the sole reason for makeup coming into my life.
&& If you keep up with Hope's, then you have definitely seen her work -- on the models, herself and even Hope! 
Kelsey is the definitely of an artist. She was always so creative growing up and it has really shown through her love of makeup.
That being said... if you are someone who loves makeup, or is even curious about it in the slightest...
Go follow Kelsey. 
On every social media.
But definitely Snapchat:
Kelsey's snapchats are full of makeup, and her personality, and he amazingly adorable pup Jax!
And who doesn't love dogs?
Oh and she is even starting to do makeup giveaways!
How awesome is that?
You don't want to miss out!
I would also recommend following her on Instagram:
Just do it! 
You won't be disappointed.
Kelsey is the one that watches the YouTube videos and tutorials and so I trust everything that she talks about and has taught me! 
So there you have it... I just gave away my not-so-secret secret to makeup!
&& Start saving up now because you are going to want to buy everything she uses, I promise.
I think/hope that I just changed your life -- for the better! 

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