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Extra Special: Customer Appreciation Week Party!

If you’re reading this, know you are truly, madly, deeply appreciated!
(Do I have any Savage Garden fans out there?)

I’d like to start by introducing myself! My name is Kayla and I am the Store Manager of our Saint Simons Island and Jesup locations. I began this journey in September of 2015 and I’ve had the pleasure of participating in some awesome events since I started working for Hope’s, but the extra special day I’m getting ready to tell you about absolutely takes the cake!
First of all, there’s nothing we love more than our customers and that is because you all are what keeps us going. There is no denying that we would not be here if it weren’t for your endless support and infinite love. You all are honestly the best and we refuse to let that go unnoted!
Monday, March 28th, we kicked off our Customer Appreciation Week at Hope’s and it went out with a bang on Saturday, April 2nd with a HUGE party at our Saint Simons Island location.
Needless to say, it was a major success and I was amazed at the amount of love we received that day alone. The planning for this day began weeks ago, and we wanted to make sure everyone knew what they meant to us. We had ideas bouncing around the room during our first meeting and we wanted to make as many of them come to life as we possibly could. We couldn’t wait to make that day extra special for our customers because there’s nothing better than seeing you all leave with a smile!
Flash-forward to Party Day:
As I pulled up to the store, the first thing I saw was the line of people standing outside the front door. I was shocked and elated! The weekly forecast called for rain ALL WEEKEND and days before the party, my prayers went up in hopes that the weatherman was wrong. Mother Nature was NOT going to rain on my parade and apparently it wasn’t going to rain on your parade either. Despite the wet weather, we had a line of people stretching into the parking lot of our neighbor restaurant, Del Sur!
All I can say is you all are amazing. As my store girls finished setting up inside, I got to play a fun little game called “What’s in your purse?” with everyone outside waiting in line. If you follow us on snapchat, you were able to get a sneak peek into how much fun we had with this! Before I knew it, 10:00 AM was quickly approaching and it was time to roll out the red carpet (turquoise in this case (: ).
Seeing so many faces light up as they met our models, Jaclyn and Amber, and got to take pictures with them simply made my day and it was just getting started. Hope and Kelsey were also walking around greeting customers, taking selfies with everyone, and they both genuinely took the time to get to know as many of you as possible.
Upon walking inside, the first 25 in line received a goodie bag filled with some awesome things. Balloons lined the ceiling and a table was set up along the back wall that held the most adorable custom cupcakes. Inside each of the dressing rooms was a “Selfie Station” that encouraged customers to take a picture of their favorite look that they tried on. As each person checked out, they were able to spin our version of the “Wheel of Fortune” that would ensure everyone left with a special something, whether it was a t-shirt, a Hope’s decal, or an adorable makeup bag. Just outside the front door was our very own Instagram Frame (with more likes than even Kim K has ever gotten) where everyone got the chance to make one last memory of the day.
I also took the time to ask each of my SSI store girls to share their thoughts on the day with everyone and here’s what they said:
I haven't been working at Hopes long and my first weekend working was the party and I seriously had a blast. Talking to the customers, helping them pick out outfits, seeing how happy they were walking in to be the first 25 people was just so amazing to me. I loved the experience of meeting people that drive 8 hours just to shop at Hopes. I was so amazed at how many people came for just ONE store. It was a blast :)” –Kali
“It was amazing seeing and interacting with all of the customers who came out to support Hopes! It's just so awesome to see how happy buying that perfect outfit can make someone..and being able to get to know our customers on a more personal level is so special to me, and I definitely think it makes them feel more welcomed too.”Jessica
“I will admit, my feet were killing me by the end of the day, but aside from that, meeting so many sweet customers and seeing them leave happy made it all worth it. The party was such a huge success. Oh, and those cupcakes were delicious!–Leigh
“I loved how excited the costumers were and getting to meet girls who traveled just for the event! We all had a blast!” -Alix
I will leave you all with this… Our goal is to always see our customers leaving with a smile, but that day, not only did every single person that walked out of the store leave happy, so did everyone working. Even though it was about the customers, you all made us feel like the lucky ones because you’re so appreciative of this company, which is exactly why we love what we do. You all make our jobs that much more special. <3
We love you all and thank you for all of your support!
-- Kayla --

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