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'Chella Vibes

There are a few events in the year that start a buzz with America.
Everyone, everywhere talk about it so much you get tired of hearing about it...
And it is that time of year again to start talking about one of those buzz worthy events.
Coachella isn't just any music festival... it is THE music festival. 
California. Amazing artists. Celebrities. Fun fashion.
The first weekend of Coachella 2016 has come and gone and the last weekend is coming up.
And if you are reading this and have ever actually been to Coachella, all of us that haven't been are green with envy! Right?!
One day I will go and I will have to start planning the perfect outfit like now. 
And before I start talking about Coachella fashion, I want to point out the coolest part of this festival.
The fact that the celebrities come from everywhere and enjoy it just like the rest of us. This is a place where you could be standing right next to someone and you won't even recognize them because they are blending right in with everyone else.
I think that is pretty awesome. Celebs are people too. I mean even Taylor Swift could stand there and watch her boyfriend Calvin Harris play his set and no one bothers her! 
How about that bleach blond hair tho?
But lets be honest...
The part that us people who don't have the opportunity to make it to Coachella look forward to the most is the fashion.
I mean seriously wherever you go around this time stores have SECTIONS of Coachella fashion. It is like its own form of style. 
And I love it.
Im not sure if I could pull off a lot of it, but I still love it! 
I feel like there are a few "Coachella Essentials" that everyone must wear atlas one day of Coachella (this is for the ladies):
1. flower crowns - I would be lying if I said this isn't the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Coachella - I mean even SnapChat has a whole filter for this! Haha
2. fringe - fringe anything and everything, you will see it all at Coachella
3. Flash Tattoos - these are the temporary tattoos that are shiny and awesome - yep, temp tats are not only for your 10-year-old self
4. gladiator sandals - yep, get your Jesus sandals out and rock them! They are SO in right now!
5. distressed shorts -- the most holes, the better! 
These are just a few of what my essentials would be at Coachella or any other awesome music festival for the summer.
And this is just part one of my Coachella posts.
When the festival ends next weekend I will do a look for less post all about what celebs wore to Coachella and looks from Hope's for less! 
Stay tuned! 

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