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Looks for Less -- Coachella Style!

Another week, another day, another opportunity to slay! 
This is what I have been telling myself a lot lately.
Don't let what you did yesterday effect who you are today.
So anyway, how about Coachella 2016 is officially over. 
-- Although festival season is just beginning--
In my last blog I talked about how awesome Coachella is and the celebrities that turn out to the event.
Coachella fashion is a category all by itself -- like boho, grudge, chic
But lets be honest, we can't all afford what our fave celebs are rocking at the 'chella, and that is why we should just use them for inspiration.
At least that is what I always do. My favorite celebrities inspire me when it comes to clothes and makeup and lifestyle.
So that being said.
Let's do a looks for less!
Coachella vs Hope's style!
So, there is only one place to start when it comes to style.
&& that my friends, is Kylie Jenner.
This girl knows how to slay every day.
The Jenner sisters have started to become more of an icon than the Kardashians.
Yep, I said it.
So this was Kendall at Coachella this year.
Statement Necklace. Maxi Dress. Gladiator Sandals. 
OMG, I drool! And that hair! 
And here is a similar dress from Hope's:
This color will look good on anyone! 
Get it HERE
And layer it with this statement necklace for a fun, different look:
Get this HERE!
&& complete the Kendall inspired look with these gladiator sandals:
Cute, huh?
Get them HERE!
Now all you have to do it put your hair in two high buns and you will be a Jenner look-alike!
So the next celebrity that killed in at Coachella?
Emma Roberts! 
When I see Emma all I can think about is how cool she probably is.
Oh and how I want to be her!
She definitely went casual for the festival and it definitely paid off! 
Want to go casual?
Hope's has a similar fun top:
Simple and fun.
Get it HERE.
And pair it with these fun high-waisted shorts to complete the look:
Those buttons tho!
Get them HERE!
Oh and don't forget the stack bracelets:
Perfect to top off the Emma look.
Get them HERE.
&& Finally, I want to talk about a girl who slays.
Not only when it comes to her outfits, but her music as well.
She is probably one of the most unique gals out there and I love it.
Oh and of course she showed up to Coachella with her new beau Orlando Bloom...
Their prints together are so cute!
Katy can seriously rock anything she wears.
Prints are in. Period.
And Hope's is your one stop shop for prints.
A similar romper to Katy's:
Love the print.
You could have so much fun in this!
Get it HERE.
And want to pair it with some fun sandals similar to Katy's?
We got you.
So cute. And sparkles, YES PLEASE!
Get them HERE.
Oh and to top off the look, you definitely need a fun, unique necklace like Katy has on.
This one is PERFECT:
I am seriously IN LOVE with this necklace.
This is definitely one that will turn heads. 
Get it HERE.
So there you go.
I wish we could all go to Coachella in our Hope's fashion.
And if you are luck enough to do so, let us know!
But until next year, Coachella!
We will see you again!
I seriously love all of the looks above!
So cute!
Get them while you can! 
Love all of you Hope's darlings!

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