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Happy Mother's Day!

Written by guest blogger, Tammy!
High Hope’s for Mother’s Day!
Mom. That one tiny word symbolizes LIFE! We wouldn’t be
in existence without MOM! A mother is a master chef, a beauty consultant,
a wardrobe coordinator, a chauffer, a time manager, a day planner, a teacher,
a multi-tasker, a homework helper/project maker, a referee, a nurse who takes care of you when you are sick, an advice giver, a heartbreak healer, a singer, a story teller, a party planner, and YOUR BIGGEST FAN!
Let’s face it! Moms rule the world, and
they deserve to hear about how special they are! I asked several @shophopes
beauties to tell me about the special bond that they have with their mothers, and they
shared these beautiful sentiments about their sweet mothers!
Brittany and her mother, Cindy went to Kelsey Kinsman’s makeup seminar
event in Saint Simons Island! I know first-hand about how amazing Brittany’s mother is!
I had the privilege of meeting these two @shophopes beauties at the makeup seminar!
Brittany says that her mom is so important to her because she's the best friend a
girl could have. She said, “She's patient with me, understanding, and my
rock at all times. She's non-judgmental of me and always strives to help me
be the best I can.” Brittany introduced her mom to Hopes, and she loves it just as
much as Brittany does! She loves checking for new arrivals all day and
is such a fan of the necklaces to spice up any outfit on any occasion!
This @shophopes beauty, Vanessa, says, “As I've gotten older, I realize how
special the bond between my mother and me really is. She's my best friend, and she
deserves to know how much she is appreciated every single day! Any little thing she can
do for me - and others, she does. Happy Mother's Day!” Vanessa also said
that her love for Hope's has grown over these past couple of years, and because of that,
she now has her mom waiting for the daily new arrivals, too! Vanessa adds,
“The jewelry from Hope’s is one of a kind, oh, and the shoes! Gift your mom
with a statement piece or fab new heels, and you'll change her closet
forever - because once you own a Hope's item, your closet will never be the same!”
I have to say that I TOTALLY agree!
Talk about mothers being wardrobe coordinators! Here we have an @shophopes mother-daughter duo shopping
together IN THE STORE at Saint Simons Island!! I was able to meet Savannah (R) and her mother,
Allison (middle) at Kelsey’s Makeup Seminar, too! Savannah sent this picture of her mother and her because they
are BOTH wearing Hope’s! She also added that Hope is like a daughter to her mom and like a sister to her!
Ladies, I have to know EVERYTHING that you have in those bags! You beauties wear your Hope’s so well!
Another @shophopes beauty, Audrey, says, “My mom is special because she is like
my best friend. I can tell her anything or go to her with any problem and talk to
her, and I know she will seek the best result or advice for me. I know if I
have any problem, and I need her help; she will always help me out, whatever the
situation is.” What I think mothers would love from Hope's are all the cute
accessories that they have to offer! From necklaces to bracelets, and from purses to shoes
and hats, Hope’s has it all! They have everything you need to complete your outfit!”
This @shophopes beauty, Courtney, wanted to make it clear that she’s obsessed
with Hope's (I’m guilty of that obsession, too)! Courtney says, “My mom is special to me
because she is my biggest supporter and my best friend. She has always been there for me
when others haven't. She is the sweetest, most caring, and most kind-hearted person I know.
Of course, any mother would love a new dress or handbag from Hope's! Or maybe a
new pair of heels or necklace? Can't go wrong with Hope’s!”
Happy Mother's Day!
Featured below are Hannah and her mother. This @shophopes beauty said that
her mother taught her the true meaning of a best friend! And that one sentence
summarizes all of the goodness that we love about our beautiful mothers!
I want to thank all of you beautiful ladies for sharing your mothers! Hope thanks you, too! All of you are beautiful inside and out,
and your mothers are blessed to call you daughters! Do something to let your mothers know how special they are, not just
on Mother’s Day, but on EVERY day of the year!
Happy Mother’s Day!



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