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Wedding Bells!

I can hear the bells now! 
It is that season again, ladies. 
And I'm not just talking about spring.
This is a season some look forward to and some dread...
That's right.
Personally, I am a SUCKER for weddings.
I am also a hopeless romantic....
I mean celebrating the love of a couple with friends and family, it gets me every time!
 I even have a wedding to go to next week and I'm stoked! 
I love being a part of someone's big day -- a day they will remember for the rest of their lives! 
What little girl doesn't dream of her wedding day?
I know I am guilty of it 100%!
But, in the mean time I will just attend other people's wedding and enjoy their day! 
So, if you are a married girl, I am envious of you and I hope that your special day was all that you dreamed of and more! 
And if you are still waiting, like me, I wish you the best of luck! :)
But, one fun thing about wedding season is dressing up of course! 
I mean, you don't want to outshine the bride, of course, but looking your best at a wedding is always a must! 
You never know who you will see or who you will meet or how many pictures you will take! 
There are definitely a few rules of wedding etiquette when it comes to what to wear! 
First, DO NOT and I mean DO NOT wear white to a wedding.
There is only one girl who should be wearing white, and that my friends is the bride!
Also, make sure your outfit matches the location.
You don't want to be too flashy or over dressed, just depends of the time and location! 
But, you're in luck because Hope's has some AMAZING dresses that are perfect for all of your spring/summer weddings! 
As I was looking for myself, I thought I would share with y'all some of my absolute favorites! 
Y'all, I LOVE this dress.
You can never go wrong with a salmon color.
I like how it is simple enough that you can add your favorite statement necklace and some wedges and you are good to go! 
You will be dancing the night away in this one! 
Get it HERE.
Ok, so here is another solid color dress...but it is a maxi!
This is PERFECT for a beach wedding or somewhere outdoors! 
And if you are looking for something super comfortable, this is your dress!
Get it before I do, HERE!
Alright guys, florals are EVERYWHERE this season, and I am not complaining! 
Wear this little number and you will be turning heads.
This is fun and flirty and so springy! 
I can't stop looking at it! Get this one HERE!
Now this one is for my tall girls! 
Or my girls attending an upscale wedding!
This dress is modest, classy and beautiful! 
I think is was MADE for weddings!
 You can snag this one, HERE!
Ok ladies, I hope this helps you a little or gives you some inspiration now that wedding season is upon us! 
I hope you have a great week!

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