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Life is Short, Buy the Bag!

First of all, let's talk about this pink pineapple above ^^
Why aren't pineapples ACTUALLY pink!?
It so happens to be my favorite fruit too. 
I love what Hope's is doing for pictures for the website -- taking ordinary things and spicing them up for the seasons. 
So now that the hot weather is arriving, it is time to go through our closets and dig out our summer clothes and shoes and accessories! 
And there is something about summer that really brings out a girls love for accessories!
(Hehe, this made me laugh)
I mean in the winter we have so many layers on, I think that is a season that is WAY more about the articles of clothing than the accessories.
But in the Summer, the clothes become less and the accessories are what really make the outfit pop! 
And I don't mean just jewelry and shoes. 
Im talking PURSES.
For some reason, and not just with myself, I have definitely noticed the trend with my friends and other girls I have people watched (HAHA) -- purses become so much more of the outfit in the Summer! 
Whether I am going out on a summer night with the girls to dinner and drinks, or a day trip to the mall -- my purse becomes a priority-- 100%
(Side note, if you love fashion and you don't know who Rachel Zoe is, she is a Goddess! Like seriously, go look her up, I am OBSESSED with her -- and she dresses the stars!)
And really you can never have too many.
They can be statement pieces for your outfit or then can just be there to compliment what you already have on.
Either way, you can't go wrong! 
As always, Hope's  kills it when it comes to accessory world! 
And a store that has a lot of selection is my kind of store!
So if you are in need of a new purse, or really just have a small obsession with them like I do, I have gathered a few of my personal favorites from Hope's to check out! 
Starting out simple here.
Every girl needs a purse they can throw on with anything, and a purse that is big enough to hold all of our girly things.
(Does your purse fill up as quickly as mine with useless stuff? HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!)
Anyway, this purse is basically perfect.
I love the gray because that is a color that can be paired with black or brown... or both! 
Grab this beauty while you can!
Now this is a statement purse! 
Summer is a time to bring out your bright, poppy colors!
This purse is for my girls who aren't afraid to rock the pink.
It can't really spice up any outfit. And I promise the compliments will be rolling in girls! 
Easy, small and perfect for a night out!
It is in and it has stayed in.
And I am still obsessing over it! 
I love this purse so much.
Whether you are hitting up a music festival or going to dinner with the parents, this purse is a summer must.
It is just big enough and will match literally any outfit you decide to where! 
Lastly, I want to talk about this little number! 
This purse is everything! 
If you are looking to REALLY turn some heads, this you need this.
I'm obsessing over here! 
Wear it with a simple white dress and it will POP! 
A perfect summer piece that could ever transition to the winter! 
By far my favorite.
Life is short... buy the purse!
I really hope I gave you some purse inspiration, because I think I just inspired myself!
Be bold this summer, buy a purse you never thought you would! 
You may surprise yourself! 
ALSO, I have a little surprise for you guys.
I am auditioning for The Bachelor this week at a casting call.
We all know how much us at Hope's are obsessed with the show, and I can't wait to tell you all everything about my experience!

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Jun 13, 2016 • Posted by Ivelisse Estes

I feel the same way about Pineapples and its not just because pink is my favorite color :)


Ivelisse |

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