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Fangirling Over Fan Letters!

     Appreciating my customers has always been one of my top priorities since starting Hope's. We're always trying to come up with fun, new exciting contest ideas and thought a "Fan Letter Contest" would be a great idea. The response we received was OVERWHELMING! My staff and I came together and shared in reading each letter we received. Some letters made us laugh while others made us cry. We found that each letter had a positive message that resonated with us and collectively brightened our days 

      I wanted to take my time reading each letter and allowing my staff to read the letters, before selecting a winner. This made for an incredibly DIFFICULT decision. After carefully considering each entry, it was narrowed down to five letters. However, one letter continued to stand out to myself and my staff. Each time this letter was read, the reader was inevitably moved to tears. This young lady truly convinced us that we, Shop Hope's, had truly made a positive impact and difference in her life. It was then I knew that we had found our winner. It is my sincere honor and pleasure to announce W.S. from Louisiana as the "Fan Letter Contest" winner!  

     In my mind, you are ALL winners. My staff and I are so grateful to each of you for your continued love and support throughout the years. You all have such busy schedules and lead busy lives, yet took the time to participate in writing a simple letter. It truly means the world to me and my staff. Your sincere compliments have undeniably motivated me to continuing improving Hope's to be the best it can be!  

     In closing, I want each of you that wrote a letter to feel the Hope's love so keep an eye on your mailboxes! ;) 


Here is a copy of the winning letter that truly touched our hearts and left a lasting impression on all of us: 

Dear Hope and Company, 

Let me just start out by saying Thank You! As you read on you'll see why me saying thank you will never be enough for why I love Hope's.  

We've all heard the phrase, 'Play with the cards you've been dealt.' Well, that's exactly what I've had to do my entire life. See, I was born three months prematurely therefore, developing a disability called Cerebral Palsy--a condition where not enough oxygen gets to your brain during birth causing physical and or mental abnormalities. For me the issues are primarily physical--my legs are uneven, I walk with a limp, my feet are two different sizes, and the condition causes extreme pain that doctor's can't explain.  

As you can probably tell, growing up in our generation especially going through school was extremely difficult and emotional. While everyone was running and exercising, I was taking adapted PE classes, physical therapy, learning to walk and get up using walkers, canes, and braces. All while trying to conceal my legs under oversized pants and too big manly shoes because I didn't want anyone to see what I had to go through just to be able to walk down the hall. 

This deception to others as well as myself continued on for years until 2013 when I ran across the Shop Hope's website while I was looking for cute outfits to "hide who I was". Instead, I came across a tan and navy striped and belted dress and a black jumpsuit with a deep back cutout and knew I had to have them. When the package arrived there was a card with the items that said, "Stay Beautiful"-- Tears filled my eyes because this company didn't know me, my story, or my struggle and they still felt that in spire of everything I was beautiful. No one had ever told me that besides my family and I always thought they had to say it but when I tried on those items-- I believed it and actually felt beautiful. 

Years later, I still have the jumpsuit so that I can reflect on the day that I first felt beautiful and worth something. I'm now physically strong and mentally confident enough not to wear/use the walking assistance equipment as much anymore-- partly because of Hope's. I bet you didn't realize that your clothes and a simple message has impacted someone's life this much but it helped me finally become okay with myself and see myself as a beautiful young woman. Hope and Associates, I will never be able to thank you enough and express my gratitude for you, your company, and how your clothes and the message you transcend helped change my life. I just hope and pray that other women get to experience what I felt when I put on Hope's clothing and felt the heartfelt encouragement. Your company is forever embedded in my life! 

Thanks for everything,  



Jun 25, 2016 • Posted by Winnie Sanders

Greetings Hope’s!

Thank you so much for selecting me as the winner of this contest. I feel truly honored. How do I go about getting in contact with you.

W.S. from Louisiana

Jun 23, 2016 • Posted by KClem

Awww! God bless you W.S. It’s amazing how the simple things in life can truly brighten a person’s day! Shop Hopes, the little things you do never go unappreciated. Your fans love you!!!

-@prettyprls :)

Jun 23, 2016 • Posted by nancy butler

With tears flowing I must say. You picked the right young lady. Congratulations

Jun 22, 2016 • Posted by Tammy H. :)

Your blog truly made my day! You and your Hope’s girls are inspire countless women of all ages EVERY day! You will never truly know the impact that you have had and that you will continue to have on the lives of the girls who shop with you! ILYSM!

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