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Hope's - From a Dream to Reality

Hello Hope's darlings! 
I hope all of you are taking advantage of what Summer we have left, because it is flying by!
In the midst of what has been a busy summer, I was able to make a special trip down to St. Simon's Island, GA to see our very own Hope and Kelsey.
In case you don't know, my relationship with Hope and Kelsey goes pretty far back... to about the year 2005 actually. (WOW, thinking about it really makes me feel old!)
Anyway, every time I visit my favorite mother-daughter duo and the Hope's warehouse, I am reminded how hard working they are and how far Hope's as a company has grown.
I mean it has come a LONG WAY! 
And I was there from the beginning of it all.
I know I have written about the history of Hope's before, but sometimes it is nice to revisit the growth of a company that brings us all so much joy (and amazing clothes).
Because Hope's is the epitome of if you have a dream and a little hard work, anything is possible.
I remember when Hope's was just an idea in Hope's head and it didn't even have a name yet! 
But really, what better name to go with than Hope's??
One day Hope decided she wanted to open a local clothing store, and sure enough that became a reality.
I remember the first time Hope went to the Mart to get the first batch of clothes to sell...
Let me tell you... Kelsey and I still make fun of her to this day.
I mean guys, it was pretty bad. 
And we only make fun of her now because, as you can see, Hope can't pick out some AWESOME clothes for y'all.
She has come a long way! ;)
Also, let me tell you that Hope is one of those people that everyone wants to be her best friend because there is NEVER a dull moment when she is around and she is the most giving selfless person I have EVER met.
I mean seriously, look how hot Hope is!!
But that was also about circa 2010, if I remember correctly. 
And every year after that, Hope's has grown and grown.
I worked there every summer in college.
Believe it or not, before Hope's even had a website, we were selling clothes over Facebook... and I was the one doing it.
Every day Hope would give me a goal of what to sell...
And we would be happy if we hit 15 orders for the day! 
(Crazy, I know!)
But when the website launched, it all changed.
We were working in the backroom of the original Hope's on St. Simon's... but Hope's grew so much that it seemed that room got smaller and smaller.
The orders grew every day, the clothes got cuter and cuter, social media expanded...
and here we are today
The Hope's that we know now.
I can tell you with confidence that all of us who had a part in the beginning stages of Hope's NEVER thought that is would be where it is today.
This reality was beyond the beginning dreams for the store.
And that is a pretty amazing thing.
From seeing first hand, and knowing Hope and Kelsey, I can tell you that this is a family company.
And they are both so hands on in all of the day-to-day operations.
Everyone who works there is like a family and everyone has the same goal. 
The goal is to bring you, the customers, the best experience. 
If you have an idea, or a dream, no matter how big or small...
Think about Hope's and remember that NOTHING is impossible.
A little confidence and hard work can really take you places.
I HOPE all of you take August head on, and build on your dreams.
And as always...

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