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Look Like the Kardashian/Jenners for LESS!

Fall is here.
(F. Scott Fitzgerald is my personal fave!)
The weather is changing.
The leaves are changing.
The air is changing.
The clothes are changing.
We all are changing. 
I know I've said this before, but I am a fall kinda girl.
I LOVE it.
Mostly because I love fall clothes.
I love layering and I love hats and scarfs and boots.
Also, dark colors are so my thing - and they are definitely more appropriate to wear in the fall than in the summer, that is for sure! 
And you know who really helps decide and inspires the clothing for each season?
Celebs have a status that the rest of us do not. 
The have a power over us in the way that they are ALWAYS in the news and on our social media and in our magazines.
We see what they wear and we copy it.
Whether we realize it or not. 
It trickles down from the stores we shop in - and I am not saying this is a bad thing! 
I personally love it! 
And that is why one of my favorite things to do is...
Because it is fun to be inspired by some of the biggest stars in the industry.
And of course these are going to be Hope's clothes, inspired by the celebs! 
And not just any celebs... this is Kardashian Style! 
So, let's get started.
First, we have my favorite Kardashian - Kourtney!
Like the Kardashians or not, you know they have some awesome style!
I LOVE this everyday look! 
cute - casual - classy
Want this look?
Here are a few items from Hope's that I think could be inspired from this look.
Bomber jackets are EVERY WHERE this season.
And I LOVE this one.
It is definitely different than other bombers.
It is sheer and lacy, but still gives that fun look.
Grab it HERE.
Just like how Kourtney is wearing her jacket with a pair of holy jeans, match the jacket above with these jeans and you are in business!
Distressed jeans are here to stay.
Get yours HERE.
Kourtney is wearing a pair of pointed toe pumps to finish off her look, so you should wear a pair of pointed toe pumps too! 
I love these - they are a neutral grey that will match so much! 
Get these heels HERE.
Another favorite Kardashian - Khloe!
I am LOVING this casual look as well! 
Everything about this is very in style and fashionable. 
Let's start with these shorts.
OMG these are everything... and they literally look just like the ones Khloe has on! 
UGH - perfect.
Get them HERE.
Pair them with this plain t-shirt and plaid button up tied around the waist and you are basically Khloe yourself.
I know the shirt around her waist is not plaid, but y'all, it's fall, we can add plaid to anything. 
Grab the v neck HERE, and the plaid shirt HERE.
And lastly, lets talk about these boots! 
Over-the-knee boots are everything right now and I am in love!
And add these to that outfit like Khloe and you will turn heads, while looking like you didn't try too hard at all! 
Get these before they are gone!
And last, but definitely not least...
Kylie Jenner.
She, to me, is the most hip and stylish of the famous sisters.
She knows how to rock anything and everything.
And this nude/mauve color is so in this fall! 
Seriously - GOALS.
I know this one isn't long sleeved, but it is still sleek and hot - just like Kylie's dress! 
You will be the talk of the room in this piece! 
Grab it HERE for a night out on the town!
And if you want some style inspiration, just go to her Instagram. 
So great! 
Alright y'all, I hope this inspired you to go Fall shopping and look like these style Queens. 
Who is your style inspiration? 
Let me know! 

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