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No Wine-ing About Your Fall Wardrobe!

There is really no better feeling than knowing Fall is almost here.
( I know some of y'all are Summer people, and I do love Summer, no discriminating here!)
It may still be hot and muggy here in the south, but I can start to feel it y'all! 
I even broke out the jeans the other day - now that is an accomplishment.
Soon we will start switching out all of our hot-weather clothes, for jeans, booties and sweaters! 
AHHHH! - Aren't you getting as excited as I am just thinking about it??
Everything in this picture is so great.
The best thing is that Fall is the season when things start to really change.
Not just our clothes. 
The air changes, the leaves change, the food changes...
and let's be honest..
Fall also means...
Yes, Pumpkin Spice Latte's.
And the best part is that Hope's is rolling out it's fall line and has revamped the website for fall.
Tell me you guy hit up the 50% off sale! 
YOU KNOW I did! 
Seriously, can you tell me how many other boutiques are willing to actually put their ENTIRE website on 50% off for their customers?! 
Only Hope's, y'all. 
And that is just one reason they are the best in the business. 
And there is one thing about the Hope's fall line that I want to talk about. 
Hope always tries to pick out the trends of the season and sells what she knows will be 'in' and what girls actually want to wear.
That being said... I have noticed a trend in a certain color... and I believe that it is going to be THE color for fall 2016. 
No, not the alcohol, the color. (;
Basically any color in the range of the wines above. 
It is everywhere! 
And I am not sad about it... actually I think I might be obsessed! 
&& so is Hope's! 
I thought I would share with y'all a few of my favorite pieces in this color, so that you can 'fall' in love as much as I have. 
And you will DEFINITELY want to pick a few for yourself to sport around before everyone else picks up on the trend as well! (:
This is definitely my favorite, so I had to talk about it first.
NOT ONLY is this in the wine family, but this top is also a bodysuit! 
Which is a whole other trend in itself! 
Im obsessed!
Seriously you could pair this with shorts, or a leather skirt or even jeans. 
You need this in your life!
And when it actually gets colder you can wear your favorite leather jacket or bomber jacket over it!
UGH, so perfect! 
Get this amazing bodysuit, HERE!
This top is literally everything.
It is so different and edgy and fun and preppy - all in one! 
Pair it with your favorite bralette and you will be ready for a night at the club.
But hurry, this one is going fast! 
Get it before it is gone, HERE.
I truly believe booties might just be one of the best inventions in fashion to date.
They are fun and easy and basically go with any fall outfit!
And add some like these to your wardrobe for a POP of color.
If you are like me, I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, AKA black.
So put these in your closet and they will add so much to any outfit. 
Like I said, wine is IN!
Get them, HERE
And who said that wine only had to be on your clothes?!?
This purse is amazing! 
Your purse can make or break an outfit - and this could definitely MAKE IT! 
This is a statement purse.
Clean, elegant and simple. 
Perfect in every way. 
Spice up your wardrobe and grab this one before it is gone!
So, all you can see, WINE is the color of fall.
When I think of fall clothes I usually think of browns and tans and blacks...
So adding some wine colors to my closet will really spice things up for the fall. 
And I know more of this color will be popping up on the Hope's website soon.
Keep your eye out and get it all while you can! 
And on that note, I hope all of y'all enjoy the rest of the month and this time next week college football will be back, so that is what I will be doing!! :)
Until next time, ladies.

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