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Vacation Essentials

It is that time of the year again ladies. 
It is the most popular time of the year to go on...
I mean, who doesn't LOVE vacation! 
No matter where you go, whether it be the beach or the mountains or ANYWHERE...
We all need a little break sometimes.
A break from reality, from your every day world
It could be with your family, with your friends, or with your significant other
And if you're brave enough, by yourself! (More power to you!)
And we all take vacations differently. 
Some like to do adventurous things, some like to lay around and eat a lot...
Or you could be like me and do both! Hehehe!
And in the 21st century that we live in now that is filled with social media taking over our lives, vacation is also a prime time to make your Instagram game STRONG!
You KNOW you agree with me! 
We all love a good picture to capture the moments of vacation.
Because vacation memories are some of the best memories!
And what we wear on vacation also must be ON POINT.
For the pictures, for the memories, for ourselves.
All of this being said -- I want to share with you just a few things that I like to bring on vacation with me to help make all of my worries go away and make it the time of my life! 
- First of all, I don't like to bring ALL of my makeup with me on vacation... usually it is not necessary, especially when my suitcase is full of clothes! 
But one thing I definitely like to bring is at least one good lipstick.
Personally, at the moment I am HOOKED on the MAC lipstick in Mehr.
It is such a perfect matte color that goes with everything!
- Next is hair... And I am going to tell y'all my hair secret! This is what saves me, not only on vacation, but when I'm on the go as well.
I have tried so many that I don't really have a favorite.
But I will say, if you have never used it before... it will change your life! 
- I truly believe, no matter where you go, you need at least one good pair of heels! For going out, for going to dinner, whatever it is you will be doing! 
I am LOVING these peep-toe booties from Hope's -- 
These are great because they are versatile from fall to summer! 
Seriously soon obsessed! 
You can get them for yourself HERE!
- The next thing I MUST HAVE on vacation is a good neutral purse. A purse that isn't too big or too small, but will carry just what I need and will match different outfits... because if you're like me on vacation, I like to change my outfit a lot! 
And of course Hope's has the PERFECT vacation purse.
How great is this purse?
I truly believe neutral is the way to go for your every day purse while on vacation.
You can grab yours HERE!
-- And when it comes to your clothes, of course pack outfits that will coordinate with your destination. But go crazy, be bold, be you, and have fun! 
Vacation only comes around so often, so make it the time of your life! 
Take it all in, take all the pictures and make all the memories! 
Bring the essentials, and your life will be made even easier. 
Until next time.

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