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Valentine's Day Isn't Just For Lovers

Let's try and describe 2017 so far in 5 words.
For me:
And it has only been one month! WOW!
How has y'all's year gone so far?!
Well, now that we have settled in to 2017 and the holidays have come and gone, there is a day that is sneaking up on us and it is right around the corner...
If you are in a relationship, you love it.
If you are single, usually you dread it.
Yep. That's right. 
Valentine's Day!
It is here, once again! 
Now, if you're like me (which you're probably not) your mom has been your valentine every Valentine's day...
Thanks Mom, you're the real MVP! 
But others have been a little more lucky and have actually had a significant other to be their beloved valentine.
I hope this year you do have a valentine and I hope that valentine takes you on a romantic date and I hope flowers or chocolate or anything you want shows up at your door.
You are beautiful and wonderful and you deserve the best.
And if you are single and Valentine's Day is just another day on the radar, I hope you love yourself enough to enjoy it and spoil yourself!
But, this one is for my girls who are going out to celebrate the day of love - whether it is with your significant other or your girls! (Girls night is never a bad idea!)
We all need that hot little outfit to make us feel special on this special day, and Hope's has just what we need! 
I want to feature a few of my absolute favorites for you to make them yours before they go out of stock! 
There are some good ones, I promise! 
I want to start with this little number, because I actually JUST checked out with this in my cart.
This dress is FIRE! 
I am obsessed with it.
Perfect for a date night or for a girls weekend, which is why I bought it! (Miami isn't ready for this!)
And the best part about Valentine's Day wear is that a lot of girls don't wear much red, but this day is an excuse to put this color in your closet and flaunt what your momma gave ya! 
Want to feel sexy? This dress is for you! Right HERE.
Not a red kinda girl?
No worries! 
You know that no wearing white until after Easter rule?
Well, we are throwing that out of the window because this dress is everything we have ever needed! 
Like wow, I love white.
Pair this dress with a colored shoe (Red maybe?) and a colored clutch and you are read to go out the door! 
Grab it before it is gone! HERE
Any of my pink girls out there?
Trying to show off for your man on Valentine's Day? Well hello look no further! 
Valentine's Day is about feeling pretty and loved and this dress screams all of this. 
It is not too bright or too dull, the perfect pink - and it shows off your curves! 
The back is EVEN BETTER! 
Click HERE to see the back and make this dress yours! 
I see this dress and all I can think about is how I want to be salsa dancing! Am I right?!
Have plans to go somewhere classy? Going dancing with your lover?
This dress is sexy and fun - but in a classy and sassy way. 
I can't get enough.
Wearing this you will turn heads and break necks! 
Don't be afraid to wear red and be confident wearing it! 
Take these ruffles and make them your own! HERE
ANDDDDDD this is what you will find ME in on Valentine's Day!
Super single and ready to mingle?
This t-shirt is genius! 
Be confident in your singleness and get some laughs with this shirt on.
You can NEVER go wrong with a graphic tee! 
Be me freaking valentine? HERE
So, what are your Valentine's Day plans?
What ever they are, I hope you find something amazing to wear! 
Go out of the box, wear something you wouldn't normally have in your closet! 
And remember, tell the people you love that you love them. Life is short, tell the people who mean the most to you how you feel about them.
And do you have a secret crush?
Well, tell them!
What do you have to lose?!

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