Conditions of Enrollment:

Only individuals are eligible for Rewards Program membership, and each individual may maintain only one Membership Account. Corporations, groups and/or associated entities cannot enroll as Rewards Program Members.

Accrued Points do not constitute property of the Member. Points accrued by a Rewards Program Member are for the Member's benefit only and may not be transferred. Any Points, which Rewards deems in its sole discretion to have been transferred in violation of Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, may be confiscated.

The information the Member provides to when completing this application and redeeming Points is processed in the computer systems both in the country where the information has been collected and in the computer systems in the United States. Communication of relevant information is important to administering the Rewards Program and providing the Member with the opportunity to maximize the benefits of Membership. We will only disclose Member information to: the authorized agents, email service providers and mail houses that process mail for such entities; and marketing companies that provide services to, in each case for the following purposes: 1) in order to better service the Membership Account and preferences by keeping the Member informed of Account status and activities through printed or electronic statements; 2) to assess entitlement to benefits; 3) to collect and process Member charges incurred on our website; 4) to offer the Member additional products and services; 5) to send periodic satisfaction or market research surveys; 6) to offer the Member products or services from select reputable companies with whom we have a strategic relationship because we believe their offerings will be of interest to Member. In choosing to become a Rewards Program Member, the Member consents to receive all of the kinds of information described above. However, Member will be given the opportunity to define and modify mailing preferences.

Limitation of Liability:

By entering into our Loyalty Program, participants release and hold, any affiliated companies and employees from any and all liability of any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this loyalty program or acceptance or use of any points given. No responsibility is assumed for any computer, telephone, cable, network, satellite, electronic or Internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, availability or garbled/jumbled transmissions, or service provider / Internet / web site / use net accessibility or availability, traffic congestion, or unauthorized human intervention. Though the above causes are not exhaustive & changes to the same can or will be made at the sole discretion of as & when required without giving notice or any form of communication to Loyalty scheme members as individuals or groups.

About Your Points:

You can view your Reward Points summary at any time by logging in to your account and/or by clicking my “Rewards” icon at the top of the page. After logging in, you can manage your Reward Points, view your available points and how you have used or spent your points.
Reward points will expire if you have not earned or spent points in 6 months (180 days). You will receive an email reminder when points are soon to expire unless you opt out of email notification.
The amount of Reward Points you have available to redeem will be displayed in your shopping cart. Just enter the amount of Reward Points that you want to use and the value of these will be removed from your total. (Reward points may not be redeemable for email or any manual orders.)


If you use Rewards Points to purchase an item and then return that item, Rewards Points are not reallocated back to you.

Purchase in combination with Coupon Codes:

Purchase that combines Coupon Codes and Rewards Points will result in a decrease in point value by the percentage of the coupon discount.

Reward points have no CASH VALUE.

Additional Loyalty Discount Offers:

Provided the individual customer's e-mail settings do not prevent him or her from participating in the Renew Rewards program, he/she will also be entitled to receive additional, exclusive point offerings and offers available only to the loyalty program members. With every purchase, the customer's status in the program grows, increasing and improving exclusive additional point offers.

Eligibility: reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, suspend or cancel the Loyalty Program, without notice for any conduct that we, in our sole discretion, believe is in violation of acceptable usage of our Loyalty Program. We also reserve the right to revoke reward points if we feel the participant has tried to abuse the Loyalty Program in any way.


PLEASE NOTE: Points and rewards WILL NOT apply to any purchases made PRIOR to 11/18/2015!

Employees and Reps (Affiliates) of are ineligible to participate in the Rewards Program. The loyalty program is void where prohibited by law.