What are the requirements to be a ShopHopes Brand Ambassador?

- You have to have a Paypal account
- You must have a social media platform
- Must be 18 or older
- Have a social media presence that represents ShopHopes well

What are the advantages of being a ShopHopes Ambassador?

- Earn a commission!
- Get exclusive perks!
- Join a fun, energetic team!
- Sneak peeks of clothing before they hit the site!

How are sales tracked?

- Sales are tracked when a customer enters our site by following your ambassador link or making a purchase using your ambassador coupon code.

What are the monthly requirements?

- Must use the personalized swipe up links when discussing the items on social media platforms. This allows us to track sales and calculate your monthly commission.
- Items must be posted on social media platforms via a try-on haul within 5 days of receiving items.
- First feed post must be posted the same day as the try-on haul.
- The second feed post should be posted 3 days after the try on session.
- Ambassadors are encouraged to post about ShopHopes at least once a week on a social media platform of your choice.
- Accounts with inactivity exceeding 30 days will be terminated.